ELF Effect

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF)

False Memories

Around the world people are awakening to a new reality

A reality where most of their memories have become false

The brand names of products they used have changed

Famous celebrities that died are now alive

Famous lines in movies have all changed

Even our world maps have changed

In 2016 the ELF of Earth changed

ELF is Extremely Low Frequency of the Earth’s Magnetic Field

For decades it was a stable 7.83 MHZ

It is measured as the Schumann Resonance

For almost a year it was double at around 16 MHZ

This year in 2017 it has doubled again to 32 MHZ range

It has been spiking to even 60 and 90 MHZ ranges

Since the ELF of Earth has changed so suddenly

People all over the world are reporting their memories are wrong

They remember things differently

While we call it the ELF Effect and is proof of the Hologram Universe Effect

Others are calling it the Mandela Effect

Some of the mass wrong memories can be explained to some degree

Some of it cannot

The fact the ELF changed and now this phenomena has occurred

Shows a correlation that our reality may have time shifted

ELF Effect

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF)