ELF Effect

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF)

ELF Effect
ELF Effect

ELF Effect

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) EFFECT

Dr. Sol Adoni authored Hologram Universe Theory over 40 Years ago

He says the Universe is an AI Computer

Now he says our Universe was HACKED

ELF EFFECT is PROOF our Universe was Hacked

ELF EFFECT and Mandela Effects are really


They are easily explained when you realize

Our reality is inside a super AI Computer

Our reality is nothing but computer code

It can be easily changed

Many are becoming AWARE our reality recently SHIFTED

That is why so many people now remember the past differently

Much of it is little things, famous brand names, famous movie lines

Even famous celebrities dying who are now alive


Some of it is MAJOR CHANGES

Such as Major passages in the Bible being rewritten

Major changes to geography and our world maps

Constants in physics being changed like the Speed of Light

Only a Hologram Universe or AI Computer Universe

Can easily explain so many minor changes to reality

An entity with access to the CODE of our Reality

Could change everything with a few lines of code.

ELF EFFECT is the Phenomena involving mass human memory loss.

ELF is Extremely Low Frequency a term used to measure the Earth’s Magnetic Field

Schumann Resonance is the scale we use to measure ELF

It has been thought to be constant around 7.83 MHZ until recently

In 2016 ELF as measured by the Schumann Resonance table

Showed a huge spike in ELF for the magnetic field of earth

It went from 7.83 MHZ to around 16 MHZ

In 2017 ELF was being measured at a near constant 32 MHZ around the world

With ELF spikes in the 60 MHZ to 90 MHZ ranges.

The human brain can be effected to changes in ELF and EMF’s

EMF’s are Electro Magnetic Fields.

The rise in ELF around the world has coincided with mass false memories

Many people now remember the past differently

These have been called by some Mandela Effect events

We believe the better scientific names are

ELF EFFECT and Hologram Universe Effect

ELF Effect

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF)